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School Charity 310529

Our school was founded by Michael Hipwell, who was the landlord of the Rose and Crown Pub in Stony Stratford back in the 17th Century. In his will of 1611 he left the pub and money to found the first Church of England School in Stony Stratford - to provide a house for the schoolmaster and education for the poor of the parish. There has been a church school in Stony Stratford ever since.

The charity used to be called the 'Rose and Crown' charity, for obvious reasons. However in 1937 the old schools (for there was more than one at this time) were sold off and the money raised, along with public subscriptions and a bequest from the Reverend Steer, enabled a new school to be built. This was a secondary school named St Giles and St Mary.

The charity then was renamed St Mary & St Giles Church of England School charity to reflect the current name of the school which is now School on two sites educating children from the age of Nursery to Year 6. The charity owns the land and buildings occupied by the school and raises funds through letting the building and accepting donations - to be spent on edcuation within the parish boundaries - and is run by the charity trustees.

The school is run by the Governing Body, which sets overall policy, whilst the day-to-day management is entrusted to the Headteacher and staff of the school.

The charity is registered with the Charity Commission and has 5 trustees. It raises money and spends money raised on the provision of education for the children attending the school. Anyone wishing to donate to the charitable account should contact the Clerk to the Trustees, Mrs Lesley Salter, by email lesley.salter@btinternet.com

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