Merger Information

The Local Authority proposed that our school should merge with the former Queen Eleanor Primary School, and this happened on 1st January 2017. The proposal had the full support of the Governing Bodies of both schools. Milton Keynes Council conducted an informal consultation during the sumemr term 2016, and as a result of that consultation made a recommendation to the Lead Member for Schools, Councillor Zoe Nolan, that they should proceed to a formal consultation.

The formal consultation ran from 7th September until 5th October 2016 - a period of four weeks. The response to the formal consultation was very positive and as a result Councillor Zoe Nolal approved the merger.

Following the merger the former Queen Eleanor Primary School became SMSG South Site and the former St Mary & St Giles Junior become SMSG North Site.

Now that we are merged we have three normal points of admission:-
Nursery Admission at the South Site
Admission to the Reception class at the South Site
An additional point of admission for Year 3 children at the North Site.

Outside these normal admission points we admit chidlren to the school in other year-groups or at other times of the year where families move into the area and there is space in the school to admit them.

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