Admissions Policy

The full school admission policy is given in the prospectus and is also available from the button below. Although the Governing Body is the admission authority for this school we work in close partnership with Milton Keynes Council Admissions so that as many parents as possible can get their first preference of school. Admissions in the normal round of applications can therefore be made to Milton Keynes for this school. Admissions to other year-groups or at other times than in normal admissions should be made to the school.
It is only when parents are applying for a place at this school under a faith category that they need to submit a Supplementary Form which should be sent to the school.

Ofsted Image for letters

The Admission Arrangements for 2017/18 and 2018/19 have been determined by the Governing Body. Any objections to these arrangements can be referred to the Schools Adjudicator. The Admissions Adjuicator can be contacted by writing to OSA, Bishopsgate House, Feethams, Darlington, DL1 5QE.

Milton Keynes Council decided that St Mary & St Giles School should merge with Queen Eleanor School on 1st January 2017. The arrangements for admissions in September 2017 will not alter in that applications for either of the previous schools will be dealt with under the already determined admission policy.

Applications for admission in 2018/19 will be in accordance with the new admission arrangements as indicated below:-